Google Analytics: Predicting Goal Conversions

Student Results:

Marine Officer School


You will learn how companies track KPIs as visitor surf their websites. In small groups, students will build their own custom reports and visitor profiles in an attempt to better understand, and predict, visitor behavior on a professional website.

LimeCuda, a web development company focused on meeting the needs small businesses, has graciously provided access to a few clients and their associated Google Analytics’ accounts. By understanding these companies’ business goals, our endeavors will not only provide learning opportunities for the class, but hopefully actionable insights for the companies.

Assignment Details.

Each group must perform the below tasks. Upon completion, the group must write a short blog post describing their work. The intended audience of the blog post is the owner of the site. Suggested student roles for each group are Manger/Editor, Author (of blog), GA Tester, GA Segment Analyst, and GA Report Analyst. That being said, the brainstorming and decision making behind the following tasks must be completed by the group in some collaborative effort.

Advanced segments:

Task: Create 3 advanced segments that will be useful for the site owner. Generally speaking, both site owners want to create a large following of visitors that enjoy their content and eventually lead to some sort of revenue generation. Each segment should isolate a different type of visitor group. Ideally, each segment will behave differently from one another. Since we are in the early stage of the analytics process (think back to brainstorming about relevant variables for the “predict your grade” assignment), these segments will have to be based disproportionately on your subjective perspectives than on actual evidence.

Benefit: The site owner can view how these segments differ from one another across any of the reporting features in Google Analytics.

Customized reports:

Task: Create 3 customized reports that will reveal how certain dimensions & metrics impact goal conversion. One report should focus on predicting the duration & page view goals, another should focus on predicting the monetized goals, and the last should focus on predicting the social follow goals. Each report should:
1) include the conversion rate of the specific goal(s)
2) provide a few metrics that will most likely impact conversion rates
3) include the dimesion(s) most likely to impact conversion rates
4) include a filter where appropriate

Benefit: The site owner will be able to identify which metrics/dimensions lead to the most amount of conversions, as well as the highest rate of conversions.

Preliminary Insights:

Identify at least 5, and no more than 10, insights that lead to suggested business actions for the sight owner.